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Downsizing Tips - Ways to Make the Transition Easier

People choose to downsize or "right-size" their home for a number of reasons - simplify lifestyle, reduce housing costs, relocate to a new climate, the list goes on. Whatever your reason for wanting to make the transition to "smaller living" and/or a new lifestyle consider the following tips to help make the lifestyle shift more manageable and less overwhelming.

Reimagine Where (and How) You Want to Live - If you have not finalized your next step yet, take some time to really think about what you want that next chapter to look like. Having a clear vision of where you are going will remove much of the uncertainty and allow you to focus on what needs to happen next.

Downsize Your "Stuff" - If you are moving to a smaller home, then you will not need as many things to fill it. And a clutter-free home definitely appeals more to buyers and sells faster. Before putting your home on the market, take some time to go through your personal and household items (even furniture) and be very selective about what you take with you. You may even decide that you want to have a whole new style in your new home!

Make Necessary Home Repairs and Improvements - Buyers do not like to work hard to envision themselves in your home. A home that is move-in ready and upgraded properly will always sell faster and for more money than one that requires a lot of work.

Don't Go It Alone - Hire the Experts - The process of downsizing can feel a bit overwhelming. Take advantage of the amazing local resources available to help walk you through each step: Want to learn more about the ins and outs of downsizing?
We will cover these topics and more in detail at our free seminar on Nov. 14, 2017, 6:30 - 8:00pm at St. Leonard's Church, 25 Wanless Ave. You'll hear from a panel of local experts and have the opportunity to ask questions and pick up information about housing options and other services available in the area.

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