Rightsizing is an Emerging Trend

By: Patrice Gale

Rightsizing is an Emerging Trend

Tags: Rightsizing is an Emerging Trend

As we watch millennials move towards a trend of minimalism and living in homes that fit their needs better, the rest of the economy has a chance to make some major changes.

For a long time, it has been the dream of everyone to own their own home, and usually go as big as possible. What some people have come to realize is this doesn’t necessarily mean they are granted more happiness, or even more utility. A lot of homes have rooms that remain unused or vacant because there is not enough furniture to fill them up.

The worst part about this is that they end up paying higher property taxes, utilities, and maintenance costs. All for no reason except to maintain their need for “more”. As much as we have reason to make fun of millennials for their controversial views and the difference in the values they hold, they very well might be right about the usefulness of living somewhere that is the right “fit”.

Comfort is the top priority for all of us. The feeling of being at home works in direct support to your overall happiness, so you should always seek to maximize it. There are a few aspects to comfort you should consider. The obvious one is size, but there is also the ability to entertain, accessibility, and neighbourhood amenities.

By paying less attention to size and looking at what other living situations have to offer, you can enhance your ability to host parties, enjoy the city you live in, and grow old in peace. 

Money is a factor in all of these decisions, but if you’ve been comfortably living in a larger house for a long period of time, it probably isn’t the top factor. That having been said, it never hurts to save some money, especially when it happens at the same time as you enhance your lifestyle.

When you rightsize into something like a condo or smaller house, you expand your options dramatically. There are numerous other benefits of living in a condo, and we the team Patrice Gale would be happy to tell you more about it.