Prevent Big Losses with Home Inspectors

By: Patrice Gale

Prevent Big Losses with Home Inspectors

Tags: Prevent Big Losses with Home Inspectors

The process of buying a home has lots of steps, most of which involve hiring experts to help with the areas you don’t possess any knowledge on. Most families don’t know much about the mechanics of a house and need to hire a home inspector as a result.

Some possible issues that require the help of a home inspector are carpenter ants, Kitec plumbing (which generally experience premature pipe failure), and asbestos. These are issues that would have significant costs, and you want to be sure you know them ahead of time. 

Home inspectors are in charge of identifying the future costs you may need to incur in order to bring your home up to an acceptable standard. It is possible to successfully sue them for malpractice, but this is not a position you want to put yourself in.  Knowing about these costs ahead of time can help you put in a fairly priced bid and avoid getting ripped off, which is why you need to find a home inspector you can trust.

There are a few things you can do to make sure you get a good home inspector on your side. First of all, by looking for one as you begin your process, you can ensure you are never in a pinch for a proper home inspector. Additionally, you want to make sure you find someone your family or friends have used before. It is likely your realtor will have someone in mind, so check with them for their recommendation since it is their business to know trustworthy people at the Patrice Gale Team. We always make a point of having at least three home inspectors available for referral. 

Aside from word-of-mouth recommendations, check their credentials and education. As of April 2017, new legislation is in place which requires home inspectors be licensed and insured. There are designations such as RHI (Registered Home Inspector) and NCH (National Certificate Holder)if you want to ensure you hire someone with the right qualifications. Past experience can also be a good indicator of their integrity and professionalism. It is probably better that someone have experience working in the building trades than be new to the business but have passed a few exams.

With several high profile lawsuits surfacing concerning the liability of home inspectors, you should make sure you are prepared enough to avoid all of these hiccups in the home buying process.