MLS Blunders to Watch Out For

By: Patrice Gale

MLS Blunders to Watch Out For

Tags: MLS Blunders to Watch Out For



When you work with a realtor, you are depending on their skill at properly presenting and selling your property. You need to trust them, and you need to know they are selling your property at the highest possible price. This is why it is so alarming when you see MLS postings that have so many obvious mistakes in them. Below are a few of the most obvious ones around. 

Having No Pictures: This one speaks for itself. Humans are visual creatures and if anyone is going to buy or even look at a property, they will want to see photos of it first. Photos can help capture the imagination and tell the viewer that this is property has the potential to be a good fit for them. If your realtor isn’t doing this, your property won’t sell any time soon. 


Getting the Square Footage Wrong: Most users search for properties in terms of square footage, so if the square footage hasn’t been properly inputted, then potential customers will be unnecessarily filtered out. The same goes for labelling a property’s age. Some realtors skip this input and end up not being included in the “New” or “1-5 years” category, which costs them viewers. 
You will also often see the breakdown of square footage within a property mislabelled, which can be a hassle when buyers are trying to figure out if the living room or master bedroom is large enough. In most cases, they won’t give you the benefit of the doubt and will instead just carry on with their search. 

Not Classifying as a Condo: This is one of the most egregious mistakes because it almost entirely eliminates your ability to sell your property. If you have a condominium and are in the process of trying to sell it, it needs to be classified as a condominium. If it is instead classified as a co-op or freehold, no one is going to see it. 

Inaccurate Details:Other common mistakes include not properly labelling the number of storeys, parking spaces, locker spaces or rooms in the unit. These are not difficult details to get, but help in making sure your listing is accurate enough to draw in the right buyers for a viewing. 

If you see any of these mistakes in the listing for your property, you should probably consider finding a new realtor, because they are costing you big bucks.